We've always loved the ocean and the dolphins and marine life that call it home. We remember being with our family out on the open ocean and a pod of bottlenose dolphins popped out of the water and started swimming alongside our boat. They could swim on and on, unlike their captive counterparts who had been callously plucked from the ocean, their families and their freedom. It hit us that these dolphins swimming wild and free with their families were living their best lives, the way every dolphin should.

But wait, we had been to a dolphin show. We had gone to dolphin shows because we didn't know anything about the captive dolphin industry. The experience of seeing captive dolphins performing was nothing even remotely close to the experience of seeing them wild and free in the ocean. We didn't know about the brutality of their capture. We believe that most people that buy tickets to these shows, experiences and encounters don't know the backstory of how the dolphins get there. They have no knowledge of the captive dolphin industry. Shows, hotels and amusement parks are full of brutally captured dolphins. Tickets are sold and people and businesses profit. All at the expense of dolphins and their freedom, their birthright to live wild and free with their families.

Jules and Kent has made it our mission to raise awareness about the captive dolphin industry. Our goal is to inform, educate and shine a light on an industry that is masterful at their deception. We know that had our family known about the captive dolphin industry, we would have never attended our first dolphin show. We want that choice for everyone. Our goal is for anyone that chooses to buy a ticket for a show, encounter or experience to participate as a fully informed person. Plain and simple.

We'll also be featuring information, stories and organizations that align with our mission of creating awareness about dolphin captivity and other marine life issues. We invite your suggestions and input. You can reach us at hello@julesandkent. The team at Jules and Kent believes that shining a light on this issue is the only way to set all dolphins free.

Keep doing you and Keep It Kind,

The Jules and Kent Team